Find links to all Lolly's favourite web sites.
Cool Kids For A Cool Climate
A website about Climate Change run by teenager Sarah Bowler.
National Grid for Learning.
Planet Energy, UK
Aimed specifically at school children aged 7 –11 & 11-16 – with some “boring grown up stuff”
. Take the Renewable energy trail in search of the “mysterious forces on our planet”.  The Energy Lords will award a certificate if you complete their quiz successfully.
Global Warming
For children 7-11 and 12-16 plus teachers. Gives information about climate change to help with projects and coursework. Also offers tips on what you can do!
Greenpeace – UK
Click on GP-info, then Nature Power to find a curriculum based education programme exploring energy and our environment for Key stage 3.  Includes movies, learning resources, quizzes and tasks, all supported by teachers notes.
Sunday June 18 2000 is Sunday – An annual event to promote the everyday use of renewable energy. Find out what happened last year and consider organising or taking part in an event near you!
Energy Quest, USA
Californian Energy Commission - site for young people. Colourful and informative, with lots of energy information, puzzles, stories, jokes and even an art gallery!  Well worth a ‘hit’ by children and adults alike.
Young Energy Savers
What do you know about energy? Why save energy? 
A questionnaire to test your knowledge, followed by information about where and how energy is used in schools, presented in a classroom friendly.
Energy Chest
The site includes basic information on energy and its use, curriculum activities, notes for teachers and a library of links to other energy and environmental sites.
Global Island
Global Island needs you! Help us avoid chaos disrupting the peace on our beautiful island in cyberspace!
Global Warming Kids Site
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Dr E's Energy Lab
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) - US Department of Energy.
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